From my 10 years experience on internet marketing, I have already tried dozens of web hosting services from shared hosting to dedicated hosting. Some of them are already gone, but some of them are becoming stronger and dominating the market.

I would like to share my review and views on what I believe the best web hosting service provider on the net as of today. This review is based on my experience. I am using for long time all these 5 hosting companies, so I am confident that I will be giving you the best review.

From time to time, I am also trying other service providers and if I like their services, I stick to them but if not I will not let myself get stressed with their poor services.


Here are the Top 5 web hosting sites


1. review

I have been using web hosting hub for quite some time now and here is my honest review, so far I’m not experiencing any major setback whatsoever. It truly delivers stable hosting and the interaction with their support team is not a hassle.

Some of my domains are currently in this server and there are no any major problems about how this hosting site offers smooth navigation. Their servers are quite fast and the time loading each of my webpage is as smooth as a breeze.

What I really liked about web hosting hub is their customer support. Ever since I employed the use of this hosting, their support team has been very supportive. There are times that they even went the extra mile and assisted me in an extensive manner.
I have done dealings with other hosting services in the past but so far, this is the best I have ever come across with excellent customer support team.

Also, potential customers won’t have any problems knowing more about their offerings as they made available to their website the services everyone ought to have. Even a beginner can easily put his trust to the services by web hosting hub.

I am not saying that web hosting hub is the perfect hosting solution for everyone. I’m sure there are some minor details they need to improve on, but overall, this is one of the best web hosting sites today. I feel safe for my domains. With an outstanding customer support, fast and reliable maintenance for webpages and a reasonable price, I highly recommend web hosting hub.

If you’re looking for the best hosting services for your business then webhostinghub is the best choice.

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2. review


I will be honest with my hostgator review. The first time I heard about Host Gator, I did not completely believe it to be a substantial hosting company. However, I eventually tried it and from then on, I totally believe that Host Gator is one of the most stable web hosting companies today.

Another thing I liked about Host Gator is their capacity to reach out to the queries of each of their customer. They even offer 99% uptime at all times. For me, Host Gator is the most complete hosting service to date. I have used other web hosting services in the past, which is why I know that their services are really good.

If you take my words for it, you won’t go wrong. I assure you that Host Gator is one of the best, if not the best, hosting services around. Or, you can go check out other positive reviews online for you to have the peace of mind. Of course, experience may vary from user to another, which is why you have to actually try the services of Host Gator.

But if you will ask me, it is truly a great web hosting provider. It is in no way perfect, but the system really works! If I will nit-pick Host Gator, it will be its slow server response time. I have also experienced a server down time for four hours.

But overall, I will still recommend Host Gator as it can offer efficiency and stability. I trust them with my hosting, so taking advantage of their services is really a blessing.

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3. review


Here is my honest review with bluehost hosting services. I am using bluehost for more than 2 years now. I have 2 sites that are hosted on their shared hosting. I never encounter any major problem since this site was hosted on their server.  Their shared hosting server is very good for small to medium traffic type of website.

But if your site is receiving a huge traffic and it requires high usage of server resources, then I recommend upgrading to one of their cheap VPS options. Their shared hosting cannot handle high traffic websites.

What I really love to this company is their VPS hosting service, there are many options that you can choose based on your budget and server requirements. They are one of the cheapest providersof VPS hosting. Buying extra IPs for my sites hosted on their VPS server is not a pain in the ass, you can request anytime you need a new IP without any explanation why you need it.

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4. review


affiliate_linkA friend of mine recommends their service when I am looking for a shared hosting to host a new site for my client. I choose them that time because of their very low price.  Their price that time is $12 for 1 year plus free domain.

What I always consider before buying a webhosting service are these things: do they use cpanel, supportPHP, mysql, cron job, wordpress , addon domains, and web mail.

After testing their service with my client website, I decided to buy another account for my own websites to test how reliable their hosting is.  So far I do not have any complain with their service.

I never experience any down time since I started to use their service.  If you ask me if I will recommend web hosting services to my friends, clients, and family, my answer is yes.

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5.  hosting review


Low cost web hosting starting from only $3.45/mo
Namecheap is my favourite registrar and I am very loyal to them. I am using since I started internet marketing. But I never realized that they are offering webhosting service until one of my friends asked me if I am using webhosting service.

Out of curiosity I bought one of their shared hosting packages, where I can host 5 sites. And here is my honest review, even though I am not using their hosting service that long yet, I must say that they are one of the best when it comes to server speed.
The contents of one of my sites hosted at namecheap are picture. This site is originally hosted at my dedicated server, and I admit that at my dedicated server, the site load slow, but at namecheap server the speed is noticeable.

If you’re looking for a webhosting that provides high speed, namecheap is the answer. No worries about downtime, I never encounter downtime since I started their service. It is safe to say that they have 99.9% up time. They have also very good and on time support if you encounter problem.

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